Kate’s Joint

Kate’s Joint

I’ve been going to Kate’s Joint since the 90’s… when vegan wasn’t as easy… when the stop for the Unturkey Club energized me fully in between record store shopping… When there were no blogs because there was no internet… When you had to find things on your own and, so, many people didn’t, making your discovery mean so much more. It was an early gem in my late teens when I was still enamored with a still-slightly gritty New York City… and I passed it on to all my friends. Now Kate’s Joint is in the red, on the brink of dying out to give way, I’m sure, to another characterless chain further nipping the peanuts of the side of city that holds my memories, the gravel-scraped underbelly of my youth. A wise man named Diamond sings, “New York’s home but it ain’t mine no more.”

What to do; what to do? If I had more discretionary income, I suppose I could have contributed to Kate’s indiegogo campaign. But it’s too late. I might as well eat. I’ll begin my meal like I did so many times before: with Mock Popcorn Shrimp with abijah’s secret sauce.

The first Buffalo Wings I ever did try. They’re still much better than that gross texturized soybean frozen stuff. Ew. This is tofu, skinned and coated in hot sauce.

Disco fries. Gravy and cheddar Daiya. My belly sang such gorgeous gurgles the day after.

Southern Fried Un-Chicken Cutlets

CandyPenny and I split the Southern Tofu Dinner: southern fried tofu, bbq tofu, black eyed peas, yams, mash potatoes with gravy, collards and mac & cheese

It was a grand meal with old friends. Sad to think it might be my last at Kate’s. New York City will have to fill the vegan void with a quality comfort food greasy spoon. Here’s to new memories.