L.I. Vegan Eats: Maggie’s Raw Love Cafe

L.I. Vegan Eats: Maggie’s Raw Love Cafe

The Blue Firmament Holistic Centre in Rockville Centre, Long Island is a source for mind, body, and spiritual sustenance. It is also home to Maggie’s Raw Love Cafe, Nassau County’s only raw eatery.The inviting cafe takes up a large space in the center’s main floor. Plenty of tables are available for dining in. The counterperson was warm and patient– but of course. The entire center beams positive energy after all. You can certainly feel the “raw love.”

A must are their mango lassi’s. They’re thick and creamy–so much that you’ll want to ask for a spoon when you get to the bottom of the cup. I am not all too sure what was blended up with the mango. I tend to turn off my food inquisition a bit when “all-vegan” rears its head.

Starving, I had to start off with one of their chocolate macaroons. It was a delicious coconut-filled bite, as they always are. Have you ever had a bad raw coconut macaroon? I’m not sure they exist.

I opted for the spaghetti and meatballs, yellow squash “noodles”, a thick marinara and ground flax meat balls. Mmm, ground flax balls. They were a bit smokey and paired well with fragrant basil. The squash noodles’ texture took away from the dish a bit.

My friend’s plate of sweet potato puttanesca.

This is their banana cheesecake. It was divine–one of the best raw cheesecakes I’ve ever tried. There is not a bite of grittiness in this smooth creamy cheesecake. So often with raw desserts you get a pile of heavy ground nuts. This was delicate and oh-so delicious. The crust, perfect.

I was impressed with Maggie’s raw spread. Finally, Nassau County has an all-vegan option! Please support Maggie. Whether with a bite of raw cheesecake… or a stiletto pole dancing class.