Let the Holiday Bling-a-thon Begin

Let the Holiday Bling-a-thon Begin

I love these Nicely Festive shoes from Irregular Choice.  In fact, I love a whole lot of their crazy shoes.  Their styles are this wacky version of exaggerated whimsy and impracticality.  (And they clearly label shoe materials, which is a plus.)  Trouble is, they cost a pretty penny.  Well–considering their impracticality. If I had a ton of disposable income, I’d surely have more pairs to gaze upon on my shoe rack… But alas, that is not the case.irrgular4

So I thought I’d bling up my own version of them with my BC Footwear ‘Cool as a Cucumber’ Pump in pewter.  But any t-strap pump would be a lovely choice.  And though you can craft your own Christmas tree, I bought mine because I didn’t want it to look too childish. You’ll need a hot glue gun of course.IMG_0867

First, pull the fastening strap from the t-strap. You’ll glue the tree onto the t-strap, adding a bit more glue to both the very top and very bottom. IMG_0868

Perfect!  This will do for any festive gathering.  IMG_0878

Hello, holiday bling. IMG_E0887