Let’s Talk About Socks …Warm, Vegan Socks

Let’s Talk About Socks …Warm, Vegan Socks

For many years it was difficult to find warm socks that did not contain wool.  But thanks to modern science and technology, that is no longer the case.  Mostly with the demand of socks staying not just warm but also dry, winter sports outfitters have expanded the vegan sock market.  My favorite are Burton’s: they stay up, they compress, they resist odor, they keep warm and they keep dry.  BeFunky Collage1IMG_4451

With socks, like other warm winter wear, you get what you pay for.  This Euro Sock pair, made with Silver Drystat, a fabric infused with silver ions that is moisture wicking, insulating, antibiotic and anti-odor, was $25. So they’re great to throw on your Christmas list.  Or you can repeatedly mention that your feet are cold and you want silver ions in your socks.  BeFunky Collage2

You can also get novelty socks that are thick and warm, like these Team NFL socks.  But they have no silver, just rubber.  But go easy on novelty socks. They should make up less than 20% of your sock collection.BeFunky Collage3

Other honorable mentions, L.L. Bean’s cotton Ragg socks are pretty great for cozying up by the fire.  But I don’t like them as much in shoes and walking around; their texture makes them a bit uncomfortable. IMG_4458

Hiking socks, in general, are great for keeping toes warm, but often have a percentage of wool.  Check those labels. Stay warm!IMG_4459

If you are interested in understanding why vegans don’t wear wool, check out the links on this Pinterest page.  And be woke.