Live Free Or Die. (Vegan New Hampshire, Day 2)

Live Free Or Die.           (Vegan New Hampshire, Day 2)

PicMonkey Collage.jpgI love New England. This I knew but had forgotten. As the hours of watching the scenery went by, I remembered. Here are some food highlights from our Day 2 in New Hampshire.

DSC_0025Spoon Revolution is Concord, New Hampshire’s only all-vegan eatery. They offer a small seasonal menu of all-vegan, gluten-free and mostly local and organic fruits and veggie dishes. It is a stop a vegan traveler dreams of… fresh, clean, healthful–and very tasty.

On this sticky hot day, I had to opt for the cool Watermelon Gazpacho, made with watermelon, cucumber, hot pepper, scallions, and fresh herbs. The combination of flavors was so interesting.. cooling cucumber and watermelon but  with some spicy heat. I loved it!

DSC_0023For my lunch entree: The Rice and Vegetable Biryani–curried eggplant, green bean, cauliflower and summer squash with a spiced basmati brown rice topped with a roasted nut and spice mixture–and a side salad. It was so, so good. The dish had strong, complex flavors and, thanks to the roasted nut garnish, great texture. I would have loved a little bit of sweetness to balance the dish, a chutney or a tamarind sauce would push it to a new level.

DSC_0027I had to grab a dessert for the road. It was a chia fruit tart of sorts. Visually, it may look a bit odd but, boy, was it delicious. The “crust,” which was buried under the sweet, banana-y chia filling, was nutty and salty. The fresh mango and raspberry, along with a scoop of the chia stuff and a bit of the crumble–a masterful combination of taste and texture.

And just like that, it was time to leave. Thank you for the eats, New Hampshire. I hope to see you again soon. In the meantime, we’ll just have to stop at Divine Treasures on the way home for their vegan soft serve and drool-inspiring chocolates. DSC_0030