Long Island Jems: Ariana Afghani {Part 2}

Long Island Jems: Ariana Afghani {Part 2}

Ariana Restaurant in Huntington Village, Long Island has the word vegan on its menu. These kinds of things excite people like me. It has been on my list for quite some time. Ever since I read their vegan menu. And ever since my friend nabbed a Groupon deal. But with said-friend basking in the Florida sun and some Long Island time on my hand, I found other company to help cross it off my list.

After ordering a small plate of hummus, eggplant salad, pickled cabbage, olives and fresh, warm pitas arrived. How wonderful is hummus?

We love hummus so much that we ordered a side of their famous house hummus, after our welcome plate of hummus. This larger portion was divine and topped with ample olive oil. 

Sure, we’ve all had hummus. I was ready for something new. Afghani food is brand new to me. I ordered the Vegetarian Kechri, “peasant-style brown rice risotto with mung beans topped with falafel balls and chickpeas in marinara sauce,” because that word “peasant” made me think I was ordering a dish of the common people… for $19.95. While we’re on price, Ariana’s entrees are a bit steep. However, if you visit their website and make a reservation, you can take advantage of one of their discount specials. We got $15.00 off our meal for doing so.

This hearty dish was very good. The fantastic textures of the risotto, chickpeas and falafel balls make it very filling. It is usually served with a mint yogurt sauce. Veganized, it comes with marinara sauce, which isn’t the most exciting addition. The dish was still a pleasure and I would definitely return to sample their other vegan delights.