Long Island Vegan French Macarons

Long Island Vegan French Macarons

Anyone who hacks my Instagram would see that I love to look at vegan macarons. They are the epitome of pretty.  Having experimented myself, I know they are labor-intensive.  Vegan macarons are one of my favorite veganized treats and a testament to how far the vegan world has come in the realm of options. It is my mission to try them all… one day.  And I am closer to this goal after this weekend.  Did you know that Long Island’s farmers markets have two, yes two, vegan French macaron options? Surprising, I know. Of course I had to track down both of these macaron makers and taste test them.

First, Macaron 5, maker of exquisitely beautiful macarons. Macaron 5 offers 18+ flavors of macarons at both the New Hyde Park and Babylon farmers markets. Using aquafaba, a couple of her flavors are vegan. This week it was lemon and strawberry, which are available to taste test in the form of little itty bitty macarons (below).  Adorable!

As you can see, they are beautifully feeted, beautiful shades of pastel… but more fantastically delicious. 

They are up there with the best vegan macarons ever.  Natural-tasting, delicate in form and so delicious. What a find!

Pretty little ditties

And if you are more impressed by the “insides” of things, here is your macaron porn.

Vegan macaron option number two was from The Bearded Baker, selling his treats at the Seaford farmers market.  The bearded baker takes pride in creating his own recipes for his treats… and admits to not yet perfecting his new for 2017 vegan macarons.  But he is dedicated to offering vegan options. 

So yes, presentation is not spectacular but the flavor is very impressive.  These are rainbow cookie flavored… almond cookie and jam and chocolate filling. Delicious! Once the Bearded Baker perfects the cookie portion, I’d also love to see some color. Streaking the pastry bag with coloring of traditional rainbow cookies (like this) would be a great touch. Macarons are, after all, A LOT about presentation.

A closer look…

How inspiring to see such vegan feats right here at home! Bring it, Strong Island.