Love & Veggies at Loving Cafe

Love & Veggies at Loving Cafe

It’s always nice to stumble upon an all-vegan eatery. There’s a whimsy freedom that is a break from scrutinizing a menu. Though I love thinking about food, picturing a menu’s peak potential after my alterations and specifications, I forget that the decision of what to eat can be easy and light. “All-vegan” is a comfort which adds to an eating experience.

I felt all of this and more inside Loving Cafe in Delmar, New York, a warm and inviting all-vegan cafe.

The space is reminiscent of an old diner: black and white checkered tile floor, chalk boards, a broad variety of eats, and personal and attentive service.

The cafe is stocked to the brim with a wide variety of vegan goods that represent the neighborhood’s demands. As I sat and spoke with the owner, she told me that customer recommendations are her guide… and the growing demand for a variety of healthful dishes mark the direction of the menu.

Their appetizer sampler, a chicken nugget, dumpling and spring rolls. Nothing beats fried sometimes.

Their most popular sandwich is the Subconscious Sandwich. A tasty mix of veggies in a zest lemon tahini. Fresh and scrumptious. The combination of textures and taste made this relatively simple sandwich a superstar. I am glad I took the waitress’s recommendation!

The sweet and loving staff of Loving Cafe.