Lowbrow Genius: Rice Krispy Treats

Lowbrow Genius: Rice Krispy Treats

In the middle of Back to School chaos, these easy treats are a welcome break. Sure, they’re for my nieces and nephew, but I am going to enjoy a sample of each step, each ingredient.

Ingredient 1: Dandies from Chicago Vegan Foods.  IMG_1675

Ingredient 2, Step 1: Melting the Earth Balance. I’ve been know to lick a knife or two of this vegan buttery spread. I think it should be just a smidge saltier. IMG_1676

Step 2: Melt the marshmallows with the melted EB. These take way more time than regular marshmallows to melt. IMG_1679

Step 3: Mix in the crispies. Not Rice Krispies–Kellogg’s Big Food crud–but “Crispy Rice” from Nature’s Path. This is where the nostalgia kicks in. Watching (and feeling with the spoon) the light, airy crispies being overtaken by gloppy, white marshmallow. IMG_1682

Ok, I guess this is the last step. Pressing the coated marshmallow into a container layered in wax paper. Allow to set and cool. IMG_1685

Ok, I guess you then have to cut them… if you want, I mean. You could just cut it as needed like a cake. DSC_0043

Optional step: Photograph sliced treats with Frankenstein lounging in the porch room in the background.DSC_0046