Lower East Vegan

Lower East Vegan

Pala on the Lower East Side has a great vegan menu. It also has gluten-free options. Given its proximity to the Sunshine Theater, it makes for an easy option for a vegan and a one with gluten intolerance. So we, vegan and one with gluten intolerance, dined prior to Damsels in Distress. Dried herbs graced the table, along with a bottle of San Pellegrino. Lovely.

I ordered the Asparagi. It had veggie sausage (packaged. I know that fennel seed bite well, Field Roast.) asparagus, cherry tomato sauce, daiya cheese. With packaged ingredients in an entree, I always resent an inflated price. This was no different. $18 is a little steep for a pizza. But it’s an upper scale place, I suppose. (Note: I think I am done with Daiya for good this time. At least done with dishes that load a pile of the stuff on, thinking it’s vegan nirvana.

Of course, vegan and those with gluten intolerances also take short walks to Babycakes bakery when in the area. Especially when killing time before a movies. I got the my favorite combo–blonde on blonde. It has been a while since I had a fresh Babycakes! So delicious.

I also bought one of the coconut mounds confections. I love this combination. As a child I would push my little finger into each chocolate looking for the coconut-covered piece in a gifted box of chocolate. This bite was supreme. And I must make specific mention of the chocolate. It was perfect: rich, deep, sweet and with a clean creaminess.

We also picked up a container of strawberry frosted donuts. We were, after all, meeting CandyPenny who would appreciate the gesture. Ok, it was time for the movies. After such a pretty sweets fest at Babycakes, it was only fitting to see such a cute and pretty movie.