Macarons… Veganized

Macarons… Veganized

Having gone vegan when I was a teenager who had terrible taste in food, I’ve never had a proper macaron. But boy, have I looked. Petite, pastel crisp and creamy sandwiches–delicate and dainty, I was waiting for some great vegan baker to get on veganizing these. I knew it was only a matter of time. Then I stumbled across Sweet Maresa’s, a organic vegan baker supplying the Hudson Valley custom cakes and cookies. The sweet Maresa had done it–vegan macarons! Having a dinner date at Lagusta’s Luscious (see previous post), where Sweet Maresa goodies are available, I ordered two boxes to sample every one of her flavors.

DSC_0051I opened my boxes slowly and stared at these colorful beauties in awe of Maresa’s accomplishments. The first box contained pistachio, rose, and vanilla. And yes, they taste as good as they look. I was going to have a hard time not eating every single one.

DSC_0053Let’s gaze upon these beauties some more.

DSC_0054On the left is box number 2: lavender (blue hued) and almond (with the delicate sprinkling of almond)… unbelievable. Maresa, please know how much your amazing feat in veganization is appreciated!

DSC_0063Hello there pretties. Don’t you want to order your own? Do it–because I’m not sharing.