Maimonide Of Brooklyn [M.O.B.]

Maimonide Of Brooklyn [M.O.B.]

Maimonide Of Brooklyn (or M.O.B.), a communal eatery that upholds the philsophy and health beliefs of founder/French hotelier Cyril Aouizerate, touts “avant garde” vegetarian food for all. I usually shy away from vegetarian eateries steeped in quasi-spiritual practice… (I’m thinking of places like Little Lad’sLoving Hut, and Oneness Fountain Heart.) Honestly, I just really only care about the food. I don’t resent being preached to, no. I have just found that the quality of the food preparation is often overlooked in their missions. But M.O.B. seemed to be well worth the stop, judging from the pictures on their site and their great write-ups.  So after a long first day back in my classroom, I stopped in, greeted with a warm smile and a plate of dried kale. Ok, I’m a believer.

I ordered an appetizer of “nuggets.” Because I deserved it and because they weren’t frozen, but fresh made. Fresh-made is a running theme at M.O.B. They even make the sandwich buns and pizza dough! And no packaged stuff on said buns and doughs. The cheese is cashew-based; the sausage, a hunk of fennel, sage, sun-dried tomato, and mushroom; and the “nuggets:” oyster mushroom and chickpea flour-based. (*Note that they use honey. Luckily all of the ingredients they use are listed on their website.)

I then had to spring for the MOB Burger Deluxe: Ready? A Crimini mushroom burger on a house-made sweet potato roll, their own secret sauce, Brooklyn brine pickles, charred onions, tomatoes, smoked eggplant and lettuce with a side of yucca fries. Yes, maam. And house-made ketchup I believe. What a bite of scrumptious.

Looking more closely now…

They also have desserts but I had to make a run for it. I’ll be back, M.O.B., for your Anti-oxidant MOB! Banana confit, chocolate fig marmalade, fresh mint on graham bread- oh my!