Making Vegan Palak Paneer

Making Vegan <i>Palak Paneer</i>

Paneer is an Indian cheese. Palak Paneer is the spinach and cheese dish I’ve long noticed on Indian menus. I was so excited to see that the amazing blog Olives For Dinner veganized it.

DSC_0002Pressing tofu is step one. I opted for the TofuXpress then a nice press with some paper towels. This is the safest bet in this 3-cat household… the kitchen towel shelf is a cat nap hot spot. Paper towels it is!

DSC_0006“Culturing” coconut milk gives cubed tofu a cheese-like bite. Tofu marinades for a couple of hours.

DSC_0011Fennel seed, garam masala, and curry powder.

DSC_0013Time to make a paste. Onion, ginger and garlic packs the punch.DSC_0015

DSC_0019Big jump here. Everything is simmering together. Looking good!

DSC_0030Delicious Palak Paneer!