Makki Deli & Grocery = Confectionery!

Makki Deli & Grocery = Confectionery!

There is a place where vegans can get French macarons, pretty chocolates with caramel inside, pretty/decadent things… in New York City. Finally! The funny thing is that they’ve been available in New Paltz for quite some time. It’s Confectionery: the East Village home of Lagusta’s Luscious and Sweet Maresa. (Not really Makki Deli & Grocery)

Everything is pretty, tidy and delicious. These craftswomen are the best at their trade.PicMonkey Collage1

The vegan French Macaron. I am very satisfied with making all my own baked goods. But macarons? Maresa really has mastered these. Hands down. And I am glad she is here. IMG_0175

I bought a box of 6: absinthe, toasted coconut, peanut butter churro, vanilla, peanut butter brownie, and peanut butter & jelly. Perfection in texture, flavor, creativity, and delicateness.PicMonkey Collage2

I also picked up a Lagusta S’mores Bar. Toasted Sweet & Sara marshmallows and graham cracker covered in chocolate. IMG_0189

This thing was crazy thick and potent, but I ate it all in a few bites. I loved the toasted taste and slightly browned look of the marshmallow The graham had a nice saltiness that helped this hit all the necessary notes. But I thought the chocolate coated was too thick. Am I crazy? Kinda.PicMonkey Collage3

Hope they can stay on top of East Village rent!