Misc. Food Stuff

Misc. Food Stuff

DSC_0024IMG_6402I’ve been making mostly one-pot lunches these days. Here is my eggplant stew… with a ton of cilantro for garnish.

IMG_6462This is why I do one-pot meals now. My personal Crockpot! I love this thing. No more microwaving.

IMG_6389And here’s a banana chocolate cupcake I made. Just because…

IMG_6433And the sammy that got me through graduate school, The Davide from Panino Sportivo. Whenever I am back at Teachers College, this is a must. Hearts of palm, arugula, tomato and olive oil on fresh bread. Perfection in simplicity.

IMG_6412Arriving early at school everyday, I get to see things like this. Good morning, Brooklyn!