Misc. March

Misc. March

I feel like March is my least favorite month of the year. At this point, I am through with winter and impatient for April, when warmer and brighter weather is more consistent. March’s sunny teases leave me annoyed. And it’s a loooong month. Somehow, it is almost over. Bringing us into the second quarter of the year. Seems like yesterday I was nodding off on the couch waiting for the ball to drop. Before this year sweeps me up, let’s stop and savor the little details that begin to make up your life.

The toasted everything bagel from The Bagel Dock.

Early happy hour on one of the first warm days in months.

Kate’s Joint is like visiting an old friend, one in which you’ve grown apart from

Godspeed You! Black Emperor changed where the exclamation point falls in their name. Whoopie. Here they are at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple.

My kids won brought in the most Box Tops and earned themselves an ice cream party. That spread included a vegan ice cream treat for me! Thanks parents.