Mixing it and Matching it

Mixing it and Matching it

I am starting a month of salads! So most of my week’s groceries were from the produce section. In order to hold my interest while sustaining my nutritional needs, I was going to do a lot of mixing and matching. You know what they say about variety… So here are my citrus segments: Cara Cara, basic naval, and red grapefruit.  IMG_5756

My greens variety: spinach, Lacinato kale and golden beet greens. IMG_5759

Roasted red and golden beet, Brussels, and chunks of Vtopian‘s Macadamia and Cashew Camembert. Not pictured, the avocado coconut lime dressing I whipped up. IMG_5761

So this is lunch. Packing up salads requires some care. I made three layers: on the bottom the roasted beets and cheese, followed by a layer of the greens, topped with the citrus. Of course the dressing is “on the side” too. It’s about preserving the integrity of the texture. IMG_5767

I finally used my gift certificate for Brooklyn’s Wild Ginger. I received it at the end of last year’s school year from a student. I hardly ever frequent mock meat places anymore, but I managed to find a dish without the weird soy protein things. The Pad Thai.  IMG_5702

More gift certificate spending, I finally got a pair of my own Doc Martens. Hard to believe that I made it through the 90’s without having my own pair. Truth is that I used to steal my father’s combat boots and I used to wear my friend’s green 10-eye Doc’s. Both were way too big. This ‘just right’ pair looked like a little girl’s pair comparatively!IMG_5716

Another stop at Pickle Shack. Patty was undercooked and fixin’s ratio was way off, waah. They’re lucky this visit was not for the Burger Showdown! IMG_5750

But that cake…ah, that cake. IMG_5751