Momma Mia, Here I Go Again

Momma Mia, Here I Go Again

In yet another flour-heavy recipe, CandyPenny & I embarked upon mastering her Italian grandmother’s recipe for homemade raviolis. From scratch, us two stallionesses created a delectable pasta filled with bright green pesto. May we soon pass the recipe on to our respective cat and weasel.

The high-end culinary tool, the Magic Bullet, whipped up a creamy basil & pepitas pesto. “I’m not satisfied until the fork stands straight up.”

Penny working with dough ruminating on the poorly digestible Play-doh lump soon to sit in our bellies.

Circles made by yet another high-end culinary tool, the tea cup.

I do not like green eggs & ham. I do not like them Sam I am.
Our precious little dollops ready for a quick bath in the boiling water.
Success! Garlic-heavy bites of pesto ravioli topped with Chia garden parsley.