Moon Flower / 3 Brothers Vegan Cafe

Moon Flower / 3 Brothers Vegan Cafe

The start of a new school year is a taxing time. From freedom to strenuous furniture moving, room design and set-up, to planning units of study.. then the delivery, and all teaching entails. No one day alike, ever-changing variables and constant stimulation. And with the schedule change, I finally was able to catch the night-blooming moon flower. How beautiful a thing, flowers called to bloom by the moon!IMG_4384

An old friend an I took a visit to the all-vegan 3 Brothers in Copaigue. Though my last visit’s jaw-droppingly poor service scared me from ever returning (I still swear it we were on a candid camera show!), months and old friends are very convincing. We started with some appetizers, the Spanakopita and the Fried Mac N Cheese balls. Both were yummy, as fried food often is, the Spanakopita especially.IMG_4475

Glistening, oily bites. IMG_4476

We decided on two sandwiches with the intent to halve both of them. I got the Grilled Eggplant Panini because I didn’t want anything too processed. I wanted delicious, respected vegetables. But they are kind of incidental on this menu, which is more carb and cheese-heavy–Italian. Overall, it needed a bit more flavor, especially in its simplicity. IMG_4477

My friend got the BBQ jackfruit panini with cashew milk cheddar and purple cabbage slaw. Again, a tad underwhelming. The entire meal was just a reheating of components. The prices are high… so my expectations are the same. Though a lot of the menu still uses the dreaded Daiya, I do appreciate the housemade nut cheeses. But they need more bite as they are solely textural components. IMG_4479

Dessert: German chocolate cake from Vegan Treats BakeryIMG_4483