More Vegan Stuff On Long Island

More Vegan Stuff On Long Island

I am having a hard time keeping up with new vegan offerings.  And since “plant-based” was named the number one food trend for 2018, I’ll be very busy. Here is a quick run-down on some new-to-me vegan options on la isla largo.

Real Food, Real People in Huntington Village. 

It’s fresh and delicious. And the pineapple is my new favorite bowl.  Here, the Pitaya Bowl sans honey.

Digging into the pitaya…  So vibrant and satisfying.

The Rainbow Salad across from me.

And Super Green rolls.  Food was delicious, but to much to-go packaging for dining in. And they need to use the word “vegan” somewhere and offer agave in lieu of honey.  I’ll be back!

Bare Buns Bakery in Plainview is related to Bare Naked Bakery in Bellmore.  Both have vegan options that are clearly noted, but Bare Buns is strictly Kosher, as well as gluten and nut free.

Love to see that v-word.

The “V” means vegan. The offerings are similar to what is offered in Bellmore. 

My stash of goodies. 

We headed to Frankie’s East Side Pizza in Farmingdale, who recently launched a vegan menu featuring Daiya cheese offerings.  We partook. 

Raviolis of unknown origin.  A bit pricey considering they’re from a package I can buy myself.  Really good sauce.  Gravy?  I’m a bad Italian.

The Grandma slice. 

Gosh, this is the best vegan burger option on the Island.  Burger Village in the Broadway Mall.  They offer the Impossible Burger here now! At least they had an info sheet on it with the specials. 

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