Nature > Pantones, Mermaiding

Nature > Pantones, Mermaiding

Art always imitates nature.  I like this fact.  It’s why I don’t often feel the need to go to an art museum.  Not to sound like some stoner or the American Beauty guy watching the plastic bag, but there is so much magic and beauty everywhere.  And you don’t even have to do anything to see it.  You don’t need linseed oil or to gesso a canvas.  It’s just there, right in front of you.  Well, it’s in front of me at least.

There is magic in Chioggia beets.   IMG_0755

In an inviting, old tree marching towards the winter…IMG_4403

In a brackish pond surrounded by thickets of texture and color…

In the horizon, its division of elements… (all from Target Rock National Wild Life Refuge)IMG_4402

Ok, there is also beauty in our quest to capture it all… and wear it. Like the start of the mermaid crafting season at the thrift and fabric store. Because June comes soon.

Also on the mermaid front, I found this picture of me while reliving the summer’s parade via google images. My friend’s daughter showing me her mermaid… the mermaid she got from that guy with 35 mermaids.

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