New Hope / Shore Points

New Hope / Shore Points

IMG_2248Sprig & Vine is a delightful cafe nestled cozy and snug on the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border in New Hope, Pennsylvania. On the Delaware river, New Hope offers an idyllic setting for an urban escape… and a proper all-vegan ‘last of 2012’ brunch with Ms. CandyP.

DSC_0003We started with some hearty biscuits and cashew-herb gravy. Savory, substantial and delicious.

DSC_0004Will travel for a Tofu Benny! Ever since I glimpsed their menu months back I have been daydreaming of this dish… carefully however, accepting the possibility that the success of this vegan brunch classic lives and dies by the quality of the Hollandaise. We were happy to see these tall Ben’s were covered in an aerated Hollandaise, air-bubbled and indicative of a light, frothy texture. Oh yum.

DSC_0007You know I had to zoom in on this bad boy.

IMG_2255The choppy Delaware river on a windy winter day.

DSC_0060After brunch, a proper lunch. On Sundays Kaya’s Kitchen does an all-you-can-eat buffet. All I can eat all-vegan? Hold me back! Plenty of tasty options, Caribbean inspired.

DSC_0063This was a flavor-packed buffet. Most notable, soft and delicate potato-filled pierogi. I had to get up for seconds.

PicMonkey CollageLast but certainly not least, all-vegan bakery in Matawan, New Jersey, Papa Ganache.

DSC_0064This bakery is stock with beautiful and delicious vegan treats, including these babies.

DSC_0065All dressed up for the New Year!

PicMonkey Collage2They also have plenty of gluten-free goodies… a whole showcase full (above).

IMG_2271Ok, 2013. I’m ready!