New Jersey || New York Vegan

New Jersey || New York Vegan

In one of those wonderful random gifts to the vegan world, Rutherford, New Jersey’s Rutherford Pancake House serves vegan breakfast options.

They had me at “Vegan Challah” French Toast. I devoured the plate of moist halves of scrumptious French toast thinking, “Is this really vegan?” I get vegan paranoia sometimes… When I’m served an accompaniment of butter with a vegan dish and I’m charged the price of regular French Toast and not the $1 more vegan item, my mind goes reeling. But I’d know; my body would know. It’s vegan. DSC_0098

They also vegan pancakes, including weekend specials like vegan red velvet pancakes. They’ve got a tofu scramble and a couple of other Daiya-ed items. When a “regular” place like this has more than one vegan options, the vegan angels of mainstreaming get their wings. I need to make up a word for vegan-friendly omni eateries like this. They give me quite the thrill.IMG_6533

When one is in Rutherford, a stop at the all-vegan Sweet Avenue Bake Shop is in order. But of course!

And with plans with friends later in the day, I knew I had an excuse to buy most of Friday’s specialty cupcakes, and a gluten-free cupcake for my gluten-intolerant buddy. Clockwise: their Sexy Sadie (red velvet with cream cheese frosting), S’mores, their Boston Cream (vanilla cake with bavarian cream filling), and the Caramel Brûlée. Packaged separately was the gluten-free Red Velvet.DSC_0113

PicMonkey Collage

IMG_6539I also grabbed 3 cake poppers. The cake inside was real soft and dough like. That middle one was divine–it was the cookie dough cake popper.

DSC_0114My favorite though–the one topped with marshmallow cream: the S’mores–deep, dark chocolate cake with a top hat of marshmallow cream, a drizzle of ganache and a wedge of graham cracker.

I’m a little ashamed of heading to another cupcakery in New York City immediately after Sweet Avenue. I headed to Soho’s Georgetown Cupcake for their daily vegan option. Georgetown Cupcake was opened by ex-fashionistas in DC several years back (during what I call the Cupcake Boom) and they’ve had a lot of success… hence the storefront in SoHo.

PicMonkey Collage2It was standing room only. The 4 tables were filled with folks long since finished eating now watching their phones together. They probably wouldn’t even have noticed if I sat with them. I ate my vegan Apple Cinnamon with cream cheese frosting watching the ridiculousness.


Finally, a savory sandwich at Bombay Sandwich Co. Friends and I met at the newish counter spot for ex-Smorgasburg vendor. I had been meaning to check them out since then… but the prospect of the throngs of Williamsburg-ers was always a deterrent. This bright, quiet location in the Garment District is much better. I had the Pesto Perfect–smashed spaghetti squash with arugula, sliced tomato and their homemade Kale & Walnut Pesto on ciabatta. Very flavorful and with a great kick of heat.

Ok, that’s all I ate today. I’m a total glutton. Dear blog, look what I do for you!