New NYC All-Vegan Eats

New NYC All-Vegan Eats

Jajaja is a new all-vegan eatery in Chinatown. Housed in an old bakery, with some great original features still intact, it’s beautiful, bright and airy. And it’s got a plant-based menu that fresh, healthful and flavorful. . no packaged products. Perfect for a finally seasonable Spring Day in New York City. 

First, libations. I got some matcha and coconut concoction–delicious with a heavy pour.  I would have more detail if they had their menus easily (electronically) accessible. I don’t like when restaurants use the dreaded book of faces or yelp to share basic information–and their website simply links elsewhere… or nowhere. 

Our appetizer, their specialty: Chile Relleno–a poblano stuffed with quinoa pilaf and dukkah, served room-temperature with a generous pour of nogada and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. It was delicious but could be a bit heartier and a bit richer. Perhaps a ground walnut “meat” mixed within pilaf? 

It was Tuesday, so I had a taco. I got the Chayote “Fish” tacos. The chayote was a perfect, battery crisp plant-based substitution. So delightful. A great taco, but with room for improvement–some cilantro, something other than a bed of raw cabbage, and a less tame salsa would have sent this taco over the moon.

Close-up on that Chayote. It looks like fish!

We wanted to walk so we did, deciding to hit the all-vegan deli and convenience store Orchard Grocer to split an after dinner sandwich. An after dinner sandwich? Gluttony. I also looked at the carrot lox that rages up the Instagram. 

I love vegan breakfast sandwiches. The Bowery: turmeric tofu, tempeh bacon, and Chao cheese on a potato roll.

A good sammy from a new vegan option on the Lower East Side.