New Years Dinner

New Years Dinner

All’s well that ends well. So 2013 would end with a good meal…DSC_0002Kumatoes are a “designer” tomato variety. They’re sweeter and have a brownish skin. And they look like a bunch of skee balls in this picture. I thought I’d roast them and make them a component to a veggie ziti.

DSC_0006New Years dinner would be the official start of pantry turnover. I used the open pastas, the rest of the pine nuts, and–as an appetizer–the spicy eggplant picked up from the Whole Foods salad bar and the fresh horseradish taking up valuable refrigerator space.

DSC_0010Ah bread–so simple and perfect. Here it is with the horseradish hummus and the spicy sweet caponata.

DSC_0015My ziti components–grilled eggplant and zucchini, tofu ricotta, roasted kumatoes, pine nut cream and Paesana, my favorite jar sauce.

DSC_0020All cooked in my beautiful new casserole dish.

DSC_0022Goodbye 2013!