Nougat / Caramel / Marshmallow in the Vegan World

Nougat / Caramel / Marshmallow in the Vegan World

Every now and again I make an order from Vegan Essentials. When there are enough new sweet, packaged treats I want to try. Here is my latest order’s goodies: PicMonkey CollageDesiderio makes vegan treats in Grand Rapids, Michigan, though the branding and packaging seems European. That’s because the founder and chocolatier is from Rome! I couldn’t wait to try the Gourmellow, a  truffle-topped chocolate-covered marshmallow. I have to try every vegan marshmallow product. This marshmallow is similar to the childhood cookie classic Mallomar‘s marshmallow–wetter but with a springy buoyancy. Though the truffle overpowered the marshmallow’s taste, the chocolate coating was very good. I can’t wait to see some new chocolate offerings.

I also tried the Nougatissimo, Desiderio’s nut-filled nougat. So awesome that vegan nougat is available. They also have a chocolate-covered Nougatissimo which was out of stock unfortunately. DSC_0034

PicMonkey Collage2Premium Chocolatiers makes No Whey! snacks–caramel & nougat & chocolatey coating snacks to be exact. [Not to be confused with this No Whey Chocolates of Cleveland, Ohio, who make this delicious-looking Marshmalloaf. “Marshmallows drenched in dark chocolate formed into a loaf.” Uh, yeah.] So yeah, Premium Chocolatiers is on the Jersey Shore and they have a bunch of delicious and festive chocolates for us vegans to enjoy. These mini bars were real yummy. But… it infiltrated my teeth’s pores in a cheap candy fashion. Is that a weird thing to report? Sugar overcompensation: the teeth know.

PicMonkey Collage3Amella Caramels of El Segundo, California was a last minute addition to my cart but it was my favorite. Smooth, delicious dark chocolate coating a thick and soft caramel and a sprinkling sea salt. No lingering guilty teeth here,  just heavenly bites.

That’s it. I’m chocolated out.