Now I’m Obsessed With Parfaits

Now I’m Obsessed With Parfaits

Remember when I bought those peaches at the upstate orchard? I forgot to take them out of the brown paper bag overnight. So!  they were super ripe right away. I had to use them all in one bang. After whipping up those simple red, white and blue parfaits on Independence Day, I thought “why not?” So here they are: peach apple cobbler parfaits with coconut whip.

First I made a peach cobbler. I cooked up the peaches and some apples with 1/2 cup of sugar and some cornstarch. The cornstarch thickens up the mixture but also makes it quite Hostess Fruit Pie-ish. It’s not the most natural texture but a familiar one if you plan to gift the parfaits who fear vegan goodies. I threw in some raisins and sprinkled in some cinnamon after the compote was cooling in the bowl and mixed it up to thoroughly. The cake-ish part is whole wheat flour, some sugar, and baking powder cut with Earth Balance. It was a dense batter that was not too sweet, given the fruit compote sweetness. I also added slithered almonds because there was an open package laying around.

Before creating the parfaits, a quick bite of the cobbler.

I am still trying to perfect the coconut milk whipped cream. It never gets as thick as pictured on the link. Even with chilling the coconut milk cans overnight, there was not much coconut milk fat. Maybe I need change brands.

Another beautiful parfait!