Oh My Darling, Clementine

Oh My Darling, Clementine

I am happy to say that another all-vegan bakery has landed in Brooklyn! Clementine Bakery, deals cake… and muffins, and cookies, and lotsa sweet, delicious goodies. Located on the Clinton Hill-Bed Stuy border, Clementine joins the growing family of all-veganness that is growing in New York City: most recently–Blossom Bakery and Dun Well Doughnuts. It is about time we have more than one devoted option for sweet treats made local!  I had high hopes of Clementine after trusted CandyPenny stopped by recently and had this to say. So I stopped by one early Spring-like day to taste their goodies.

I’m never in this area. So I had to get two treats to last me till my next visit. As per usual, I always need to try a bakery’s vanilla cupcake. Luckily the cake was covered in a rich ganache! I also picked up a sandwich cookie with cream cheese frosting in between. It is not my usual taste but I panicked under pressure.

The sandwich cookie was delectable! The cookies were much like the adored Toll House cookies from the adored LifeThyme but striped with a chocolate drizzle that leaves your finger tips sugary and nostalgic. The cream cheese filling sealed the deal. With just a little tang and saltiness, the cream brought out the sandwich’s sweetness with enthusiasm.

The vanilla cupcake had spectacular flavor, far better than most other vanilla cupcakes I’ve tasted. It was boldly vanilla, as opposed to the very common bland cake/overcompensating sweet buttercream frosting combination. Paired with the chocolate: hubba hubba. My only criticism was it was a little bit undercooked and wet on top.

Welcome, Clementine! I’ll be back soon. Now you should go too.