Ok, It’s Winter Chili

<i>Ok, It’s Winter</i> Chili

So the temperature is going in the 50’s this coming week… and last week’s blizzard is receding steadily exposing the backyard. But it’s winter. Before Spring, I need more chili. I used Contrary Cook’s recipe.

Red, yellow, and orange bell peppers, onions, red and orange sweet peppers:IMG_6318

Add the cumin, chipotle, and garlic.

Add the tomato cans.IMG_6322

Add the beans: black, kidney, cannellini. Plus sweet corn. Sweet corn welcomes some balance to the heat. Add the chili powder. IMG_6334

Top with scallions and avocado.IMG_6339

Best. Cornbread. Ever. Seriously, it won a Blue Ribbon at the Iowa State Fair. It’s even on Cook’s website, so you know it is for real. IMG_6346

I put the remaining pepper and scallions from the chili in the batter… and increase the cook time a bit. IMG_6348