On V.V. Summer Assignment, Day 1: PA to OH

On V.V. Summer Assignment, Day 1: PA to OH

In my goal of V.V. hitting “all 50 states reporting” status, summer is the time to pack on the states.  Getting out of New York and past the tristate area to make it to these unreported on states is a daunting task… as is the return to the tri-state area. So I started day one of my vegan reporting with a lofty goal: The Ohio State Line. Of course, I had to eat a little something along the way, starting with Vegan Treats Bakery for, um, breakfast.

The bakery case of beautiful mini-cakes and various pastries is always totally overwhelming. Vegan Treats does a tremendous job at decorating. Each piece is a work of art. And I am always amazed by the quantity of treats available. I’m sure they have a loyal following, as well as stray visits from travelers like me.

They also had danishes and donuts to complicate matters even more! Cannoli, cheesecakes, and mousses–of my!
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My selection, after going in a hundred different directions, was the confetti cake. Who can say no to a bright purple and turquoise layer cake with rainbow sprinkles and a ice (butter)cream cone on top? I never get to eat anything turquoise!
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I picked up a danish to go, because danishes are difficult. This was more like a bun, not a danish with its characteristic flakey layers from repeatedly folded dough.

So I skipped lunch to arrive at Eden in Pittsburgh absolutely famished. I had a feeling they’d be worth the long haul, and I was correct. After running a few errands/killing time, it was finally 5 pm. To start my meal, the Watermelon Tartare: watermelon, wakame, coconut aminos, avocado, green onion, and sesame, served with dehydrated raw coconut and pecan chips, endive, and garnished with crispy kale.

This was the perfect appetizer–bright, flavorful, fresh. The kind of bite that wakes your whole mouth up and says, “Hellooo, this is was real food tastes like!”

I chose a cooked entree from the delicious mostly-vegan menu–The Masoor Dal with roasted cauliflower, fennel and carrot, seasoned with horseradish, sunflower seed milk, and tomato. So scrumptious. The roasted veggies brought the flavor to the show but the dal was calm and dreamy. I was wanting this brown rice to be coconut rice… for a sweet, creamy balance. Then it would be perfect.

Day 1’s goal achieved! Ohieeo.