On V.V. Summer Assignment, Day 5: Take Me Home, Country Roads

On V.V. Summer Assignment, Day 5: Take Me Home, Country Roads

And now state 42 in the V.V. record blog: West Virginia.


In the middle of nowhere, West Virginia–the “unincorporated community” of Vegan.IMG_8684


Mission Savvy is the only all-vegan eatery in the entire state. It’s in Charleston, the capital city. DSC_0005

The space is vibrant, like its food offerings–mostly raw, pressed juices, pure and delicious, with an exceptional attention to detail. I loved the labels, the glass jars, the colors. DSC_0003

Knowing I’d face vegan food dearth, I got a bento box to go. And, of course, a delicious juice blend to eat with my meal. I really needed those nutrients.PicMonkey Collage1

There is my sandwich: a B.L.T: sprouted bread, lettuce, tomato and tempeh bacon with a creamy cashew cheese. On the side, cafe crackers–rosemary “cheese.” So fresh and delicious. I felt so good after this meal. That’s how it should be!DSC_0007

The Bento box at the motel… “Save the Tuna” pate, carrots/celery, raw kraut, and a veggie-packed lentil-y of sorts. Thank you, Mission Savvy, for some well-needed healthful and whole food sustenance. DSC_0021

I’m heading back to New York tomorrow! But have a few stops on my list. My new car is officially broken in and I’m looking forward to not driving all day… at least for a few days.