P.S., I Love You

P.S., I Love You

The Terri folks opened up a fancy pants eatery in Times Square, P.S. Kitchen.  And the all-vegan menu has plenty of delicious options to which words don’t really do justice.  But the thousand words of a picture may help.  So let’s look at the pretty, colorful plates.

The Fennel Tartine has caramelized fennel, cashew crème, orange suprême on hearty bread.  An easy plate to split

The Crispy Artichoke, described as including a preserved lemon emulsion.  But what are these creamy puddles? I am not sure. An heir of mystery.  And, honestly, I eat these dainty plates too quickly to let my tongue do a patient exploration. 

The Buffalo Hen of the Wood large plate was my favorite. Little baby German purple sweet potato “salad” with their house blue cheese. I wasn’t too sure what the blue creamy dollops were but they helped cool the spicy mushrooms. 

We were gifted this salad from the chef: Watermelon, Heirloom Tomato Salad with basil, house feta, and mint purée. Cool and refreshing!

What to eat first! A beautiful meal at PS Kitchen.  It is yet another special occasion option in New York City.