Pantry Turnover, Part 1

Pantry Turnover, Part 1

PicMonkey Collage3Stale holiday cookies be gone! I processed them to adorn the tops of cupcakes.

DSC_0060There were several peanut butters in the pantry. An oily natural kind you have to stir went into the cupcake batter. Used it all: check!

DSC_0066The I made peanut butter buttercream with the remnants of a chocolate peanut butter that rocked my world briefly… and a big glob of tahini, which I believe is sold in a size that is way too large for my occasional tahini purposes. Then I used some brown rice syrup, which has also been around too long. It was a great frosting. The tahini gave it more depth. Especially because I didn’t use much sugar knowing I’d be covering it in cookie crumbs.

IMG_6109Such a great end result! And these cupcakes helped me turnover 5 pantry items. I get some sick satisfaction from that equation.

DSC_0051On this frigid day I also cooked up some soul-warming curry. I used this easy recipe because I don’t want to buy a million things to make a curry during pantry turnover time. I had a peeled ginger root in the freezer which I grated in. After wasting too much ginger, I heard this tip from some tv chef. Makes adding ginger on the fly much easier.

DSC_0046After adding the veggies to my curry, I roasted the rest of them, knowing full well that they’d leave the fridge faster if they were ready to go. And because I love roasted veggies. I can never go raw.