Patriotic Parfaits & Grilled Nectarine-tempeh ‘bobs

Patriotic Parfaits & Grilled Nectarine-tempeh ‘bobs

Independence Day is all about strawberry/blueberry sweet concoctions! I made my patriotic parfaits mostly from scratch, save for the berries, and delivered them to my family as a sweet summer treat. After all, I can’t very well eat all of them! A cold parfait is not only refreshing, it’s a great way to utilize a whole bunch of yummy things before they go bad. Using up the remainder of my farmers market blueberries, I layered away with halved blueberry cupcakes made earlier in the week, an easy organic strawberry compote (sliced strawberries, cane sugar, and lemon in the saucepan), and fresh-made coconut whip (chilled full-fat coconut milk and a couple of tablespoons of powdered sugar whipped till creamy)… and WOW! Delicious… and very photogenic.

The coconut whip was absolutely scrumptious. For a million pictures of it, check this post from Healthy Happy Life.

Liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. I couldn’t think of any puns…

The grill is the second vital piece of Independence Day. I thought that the tempeh-nectarine skewers from VegNews looked quite tasty. Another awesome grilled feast from Grillmaster Electrician.

To die for was the spicy peanut sauce. I look forward to using it again, maybe for some summer rolls. It was kind of a mismatch for these skewers however. A wet marinade to moisten up the tempeh would serve the dish better.

A mid-week July 4th, that’s a wrap!