Paulie Gee’s, Vegan Pizza Heaven in Greenpoint

Paulie Gee’s, Vegan Pizza Heaven in Greenpoint

For more hearty winter cravings, I met with CP for a Brooklyn pizza dinner. After a tremendous wait time thwarting our dinner plans a few weeks back, I couldn’t get Paulie Gee’s out of my head. It had been several years since we had been there, and there were plenty of new vegan pizza options to sample. We door-busted on a school night to ensure the best seat in the house. IMG_4848


The Red, White & Greenpeace: Baby arugula, olive oil, house pickled red onions and cashew ricotta dollops. Very delicious! I loved how the wood-fired crust complemented the tastes of the red, white and green. One tip to the sweet Paulie, who checked on us twice, a quick chop of the greens might ensure a bite doesn’t drag off all the toppings. IMG_4850

The Jackie Green: vegan tomato sauce, almond milk & onion cream and meatballs made with green jackfruit. Another delicious daiya-free and all-housemade delight! The meatballs had the soft texture of bean balls. IMG_4854

See you next time, Paulie! I’m sure there will be even more vegan options to come.