Photo Ketchup

Photo Ketchup

IMG_5874Sometimes we buy pizza dough from one of the million pizzerias on Long Island. This was a minimalist pie: artichoke, salt, pepper, olive oil.

IMG_5880Still using pumpkin puree… these were the pretty little ditties I whipped up for my grade team holiday lunch. Received some rave reviews and I can’t believe these are vegan’s. Well, believe it!

IMG_5892Deciding what to get my students is always difficult. I’m not into “Made In China” plastic crapola… but I have a class of 25. So I whipped up this coupon to offer them some quality time.

IMG_5895I need to turnover a lot of decorations this January. So I started early and dumped a whole bunch of vegan sprinkles in the classroom holiday cupcake batter. Yes, it’s vegan–no bugs were harmed in the making of these colorful jimmies. But it’s still just artificial coloring and flavoring and I want it out of my pantry!

IMG_5933I can’t stop buying vegan shoes. Sometimes I buy them out of pure excitement of them being vegan! Pardon the stereotype, but I have a shoe addiction.

IMG_5920Watching The Grinch with the kiddos. I love my job.

IMG_5899The sprinkle-laden cupcakes baked in ice cream cones got everyone excited.


Even more exciting, decorating their own frosting while using my $8 vegan maraschino cherries on the cause.

And at home…

IMG_5926 IMG_5927 IMG_5929Here’s a glimpse of our tree, a Balsam Fir covered in old school C7 incandescents. The Electrician hates LED lights.

Merry Christmas! Here’s to more substantial and consistent posting in 2014! xoxo