Pink and Red All Over

Pink and Red All Over

Though I don’t like pink on men because I am a confused jumble of progressive principles and old fashioned ideals that leave me mostly mourning the disappearance of real men, Lou Barlow can wear pink if he wants to. He can also describe his feelings vividly in song, sure. If he must…  [Sebadoh at the Bell House, Brooklyn]

Sunny with a chance of Cherry Blossom rain showers. Such gorgeous trees leave quite the pink mess. The onset of Spring and its flowering trees reminds me of Marilyn Monroe on the bike, a picture that I decided was pretty as a young girl. Though it may seem trivial as an adult, a little girl deciding what she thinks is pretty was very important, lest you be easily convinced by the ideas of ill-intended marketing campaigns.

The days are getting started earlier… and staying much longer. So now I get to watch the pink light show before my morning train. Summer is coming down fast, like helter skelter.

More requisite pictures of the backyard bulbs I planted, I’m realizing, rather haphazardly. These Lilac Wonder Tulips are kind of pink lemonade-ish. All the wind and cold weather have crumpled their delicate petals, but their bright yellow faces are intact.

I love these dirtbag pink tulips. They’re all rough around the edges. They’re called Huis Ten Bosch tulips, named after a residence of the Dutch Royal family. Are you also checking out the weeds surrounding all my flowers? After how slowly Spring started I am just giddy with any green growth. 

Though they’re slightly college band sing-along cheesepuff, I like The Lumineers’ songs about the ladies they love.  They’re is something nostalgic about the kind of women they describe, something “retro” about the emotional recklessness they seem content to enter into. An abandon that has been tucked down under a slew of modern day distractions. I am saying this because I am listening to Ophelia as I type this not really knowing what to say about yet another tulip picture I have decided to post. Except that this is a ketchup and mustard tulip.

And my new car, complete a vintage dashboard gal.