Quick Bite: ZA

Quick Bite: <i>ZA</i>

Things that still me remind me of my childhood on Long Island: the smell of hose water, the crack of a skateboard; and a hot, cardboard pizza box on my lap on the drive home.

ZA in Seaford used to be Long Island Vegetarian Eatery a few years back (see my review here). Keeping in the tradition of its short-lived former digs, ZA offers vegan options. Probably because it’s owner, who also owns the neighboring bar The Leaky Lifeboat, a skate rat kid turned entrepreneur I used to hang out with in that aforementioned youth, is vegan. ZA has a couple of locations. I assumed that only this location had the vegan options, and not the Rockville Centre one–a far less frustrating drive on the atrocious Merrick road. But that’s not the case. The RVC location also offers the vegan pizza options, including a vegan Sicilian pie and fake meat rolls, offered in Seaford. But maybe with less beardo?  …

I got a Seitan Chicken Parm Roll, “light on the Daiya.” I don’t have these kind of cravings often, but it seemed appropriate after the week I had.  It did the trick, though I’m not sure what the trick was.