Rawvolution N.Y.C.

Rawvolution N.Y.C.

Rawvolution in New York City’s East Village is the baby of raw chef and author Matt Amsden. The small counter cafe serves up delicious raw foods for the price-savvy. And with its food delivery service, Rawvolution provides accessible and healthful food for all.

After CP shared the lead a few weeks back, it was time to give it a try because, let’s be honest… real good vegan options are hard to find in the East Village. [I mean, there are ok vegan food options (like the brunch-y Organic Grill and Kate’s Joint, a nostalgic favorite with its hit-or-miss waitstaff) but the characteristically bad service (Angelica Kitchen, Caravan of Dreams and the now-defunct Counter), cramped space, stunted veg food craft (Atlas) and annoying clientele of the East Village make it a good option for newbie vegetarians with considerably lower standards than a mature vegan foodie.] Considering, we were delighted to find great service and well-done raw options!

To wet the appetite, a sweet bite: Rawvolution’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ball. This very delicious ball of maca, raw chocolate chips and the unmistakably scrumptious taste of coconut-sweetened oil was a perfect couple of bites.

My tasty sandwich, the Cocophoria: curried coconut jerky, cashew mayo, onions and tomato on their own delicious “bread” made of flax and dehydrated onion. This sandwich is flavor-packed thanks to the amazing “bread” and the curried coconut strips, balanced by cool tomatoes and mayo. My only critique is to leave out the onion out because, paired with the mostly onion bread, it is a little too dominant. But an A+!

Here’s a cross-section of the sandwich showing off the goods: the curried coconut strips. Nevermind that thumb, battered and unkempt from putting together my classroom.

A final sweet (a Chocolate Haystack: chocolate and coconut mound of love) and on the house (!) because the new cafe is still working out the kinks. A kind gesture on top of an already great experience.