Reading the American Landscape [Kentucky]

Reading the American Landscape [Kentucky]

Wigwam Village No. 2 in Cave City, Kentucky, a themed motel of Route 66, is still operational.  

The abandoned Haunted Hotel attraction also in Cave City. It is open to explore, but an adorable grey tabby kitten was guarding the door. 


A sinister fellow plays the piano.

I should have went in, but I was a scaredy cat.

The dinosaur across the street.

The also abandoned theme park Funtown Mountain, formerly Guntown Mountain, and its chairlift. 

No more bumper boats either. Oh, Cave City.

And lunch in Louisville, Kentucky. Morels Cafe bills itself as “dope vegan food” and “vegan food that doesn’t suck.”  And I agree.

I got a plate of Philly Cheese Steak laded waffle fries with cheese sauce and topped with grilled peppers/onions, seitan steak & thousand island. 

Such a great plate. Vegan game is stepping up all over the place!