Rice Paper Bacon Trial

Rice Paper Bacon Trial


PicMonkey CollageA new plant-based bacon craze has caused some stirs: Rice paper bacon. The thin sheets of rice paper suck up marinade well and cook to a crispy perfection that is still chewy some places. And get this, the edges curl all bacon-like. I tried Yup It’s Vegan‘s recipe. Here are my notes.

Take a rack out of the oven, then start preheating. You won’t use a baking sheet in this recipe, just parchment on the rack. So make sure you lay your strips down in the opposite direction of the rack if it’s like mine. Next time, I would fold the ends of the parchment upward for easy grabbing from the oven.

My rice paper rounds, that were hanging around since this, were pretty easy to cut. I stacked two dry rounds on top of each other and used kitchen shears. I had no breakage issues.

The marinade recipe is pretty thick. And delicious. And the process of dipping strips in water and then marinade can get sloppy. I used waxed paper under my rack to catch any drippings.

I used the marble variation in the recipe, but it didn’t give much of a contrast. I think I had too much marinade on the strips. IMG_0631

Watching them bubble up in the oven. IMG_0635

After, how bacon-y do these look?!IMG_0642

Crisp, smoky, delicious–what a plant-based bacon!IMG_0650

Frank approves from afar.IMG_0660

Now, what should I do with all this rice paper bacon???IMG_0687