More and more, I am finding vegan option leads through my followees on Instagram. Sure, a new all-vegan spot gets around the campfire quite easily… but unearthing a “vegan option” is a challenge. Being not so thrilled with the all-vegan places in my home city (I’m waiting on you, Chloe and Jay, to change that.), I savor a vegan option lead. They’re often far better than offerings at vegan spots. As evident by the overuse of packaged vegan foods and frozen fake meet crud that are so well loved, being a vegan does not imply good taste. But I am a vegan with good taste, and both of those things are very important to me.

So we headed to Cabalito after I spied their pupusas on the IG.


It was a sweltering day in Manhattan, made even more yucky by the walk through the fish monger stands of Chinatown. I got their rice milk horchata for some refreshment. Delish.IMG_7327

Then, my hongos pupusas with a side of curtido. Translation: mushrooms; side salad of fermented cabbage. It needed a bit more to be fully satisfying, as is sometimes the case with dishes with requested omissions. The dishes are created to be complete, after all. I missed that completion… and a bit of seasoning. IMG_7332

Afterwards, a donut at Babycakes. Which, I guess, is no longer called Babycakes. It’s called Erin McKenna Bakery. Although you don’t really see her around the place anymore, and the sweet, vintage waitress uniform-clad staff she started with is now surly and typical NYC less than enthused variety. Meh. IMG_7335