Sassy’s Eat This

Sassy’s <i>Eat This</i>

I used to check Sassy out at the library when I was a little girl. I eventually started a subscription once I got a checking account, which was the only way I could pay for mail order records. The magazine had a page at the end called “Eat This,” where musicians or other cutie patooties shared simple recipes. A big Sonic Youth fan, I recall the page below very well. Maybe because I always wanted to try Thurston’s banana-Nilla Wafer sandwiches. But Nilla Wafers are not vegan… and I was vegan then–in September 1996. It was early in my veganism but I remember it so clearly, the early experience of the pang I would eventually grow accustom to… and that ultimately dissipated, like Kim & Thurston’s 25+ year marriage, as I weened off the only food I had known: what my parents bought. tumblr_m2fz6oHZB81r2784vo1_1280

Anyway, I’m finally fulfilling the pang… with Mi-Del Vanilla Snaps.DSC_0076

Wish fulfillment