Seaglass Fish / A “Fish” Sandwich

Seaglass Fish / A “Fish” Sandwich

Meeting up with a friend for lunch in Manhattan, I set the meeting spot at Seaglass, the beautiful sea-inspired carousel in Battery City Park. Thankfully, it was empty.  With it being so photogenic, I thought I’d have to creatively crop carousel riders out of my shots. 

It was a beautiful ride that’s likely better in the dark.

But when the heck would I be in the Financial District again? Probably not soon. So, me in a fish.

But while we were in the Financial District, a bite at Terri. Terri is an opportunistic vegan chain that came along at the right time. They have okay food. Just okay because there’s Daiya all over the menu, which at this point in the vegan game won’t win them my praises.  

I got the hearts of palm “fish” filet sandwich. Though I’ve tried using hearts of palm in recipes, only this one worked out.  Basically they just don’t hold onto flavor.  Given this, it was certainly not worth the crazy high price (over $10!! w.t.heck!)  I say stick with a deep-fried tofu if you want to recreate a “fish” type sandwich–for both texture and the ability to impart flavor. Though tartar sauce on anything and you feel like you’re eating fish. Just like cocktail sauce. 

Why did I order this? Hunger makes me a fool.  That’s enough fish for today.