Some Vegan Things I Like Lately

Some Vegan Things I Like Lately

My Canon PowerShot G9X is always with me.  It’s a lovely point and shoot with a throwback design that reminds me of my grandfather’s old cameras.  I was excited to find a faux leather case that suits its aesthetic.  I was also excited about this pro-introvert pin.

I don’t have a thing for shoes; I have a thing for vegan shoes.  Perhaps because I spent many years with a dearth of options?  These days I find that “manmade materials” make up a ton of shoe options across all boards and spectrums.  And I get excited to supplement shoe basics with shoe specialties: snow boots, hiking boots, moccasins, cowboy boots, and these non-leather penny loafers from b.o.c.  These loafers were pretty darn cheap, but if you have more money to spend, Avesu has beautiful vegan versions of all the well-loved classics: creepers, saddle shoes, desert boots, duck boots, wallabees, etc.  Come to think of it, the only shoes I haven’t seen done well as vegan are Sperry-ish classic boat shoes.IMG_1394

After many years, my TofuXpress died.  Wanting less moving parts, I opted to replace it with the EZ Tofu Press, a bare bones but efficient press that was significantly cheaper.  It does that job, and fast.

L.L. Bean 4 Liiiiife! (I am flashing an L.L. Bean gang symbol right now)…  As a big fan of sweater weather, it is a delight to finally have cotton options for traditional wool classics, like this Fisherman’s sweater from L.L. Bean.  Despite having like a million dresses, this sweater is the prettiest thing I own.  Now, get me to a cabin and fill my mug with steaming coffee.  297470_1155_41

I was bummed to have missed trying this not-made-in-a-lab “Totally Possible” burger at Haymaker’s Corner Store from vegan chef Vegicano a few months back. Just announced from VegNews, Chef Vegicano will be creating an all-new, all-vegan menu for a New York City Bareburger location that will be completely vegan!  Sooo, this will have me reshuffling my Burger Battle brackets yet again.  So much vegan growth.Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 5.25.12 PM copy

And speaking of vegan burger growth, I just had to order the Impossible Burger at Burger Village in Hicksville, Long Island. Because it’s kind of crazy that it’s on Long Island!  Sure, I’ll likely never eat it again because I have decided I find the texture pretty darn gross.  I guess the concept is pretty gross, too.  It’s born of science and testing in a laboratory.  That’s not delicious to me.  IMG_1486

I can, however, get a bit more excited about a fire fighter making vegan food.  These Engine 2 ravioli were pretty okay.

I really love the selection of Moon Juice magical powders I’ve experimented with. I like that they are pretty and witchy-womany.  Maybe because protein powders are so masculine and utilitarian?  This protein powder is beautifully ethereal.  Does it work?  Yes, I think it does. blue_beauty_protein_1024x1024_f2f6957f-1539-435e-a48b-23cf7a8edf73_1024x1024

Ok, lastly: I found this thing while researching vegan eats for my New Mexico trip.  There are not a lot of exclusively-stated vegan options near the in-betweens of the wilderness areas I’m visiting. But! There are restaurants with options that are vegan or veganizable though they might not have been requested yet.  Some call this “accidentally vegan.”  Like this option I found in Bernalillo, NM at a hip looking eatery called Freight House. They have a sandwich: The BLAT (Bacon, lettuce, avocado & tomato). The avocado is an avocado “marble”! An avocado marble?! Have you seen this?  I had to look it up and now I am very excited to try this sandwich!