Ever since I’ve made successful meringues, I’ve imagined this cake (with the help of various seasonal blog posts): bright white spooky ghosts rising from a chocolate ground. As it sometimes works out: In my head, it was much better than reality.

The cake was a sure bet. Isa’s basic, springy chocolate cake. IMG_3629

Using some of my Versawhip, I whipped up some meringues and performed two acts of violence upon them, ultimately creating pale green, unappetizing droopy souls. Well. It was Halloween after all. IMG_3633

Fatal flaw #1: food coloring. As the antagonist in my favorite horror movie says, “Momentary loss of muscular coordination.”

Fatal flaw #2: Lemon extract. Extracts are sometimes so… “extract-y.” There is a real case for shelling out an arm and a leg for top notch natural extracts. And the taste of these meringues make that case.IMG_3640

Now, I originally thought that this would be the cake I brought to my parents. That my nieces and nephew would enjoy it’s festive design. However, here’s the thing. Kids, in general, tend to have bad taste. They eat the cheap , processed garbage most of the time because parents find it easy and affordable. They develop a taste for fat and cheap sugar-laden, low quality food,. Wait, scratch that, let’s just say that their diet is an extension of their parents’ food values. The result is the same.