Spring Springing

Spring Springing

IMG_6801With winter’s long awaited goodbye, I am psyching myself up for tasty Spring. A gluttonous long-overdue feast of eats. What’s Spring have to do with eating a lot of food? Nothing really–but I plan partake in feasting anyway, loosely connecting it to some seasonal ritual I’ve yet to conjure up. Maybe it is the passing of this harsh winter that has me ready to celebrate in my favorite form–bites. To start, here’s a bunch of vegan cupcakes from Whole Foods my student brought in for a birthday celebration.

IMG_6876A tofu scramble biscuit? Yes, only the makers of the vegan “cronut” can create another such hybrid eat, capturing the essence of this brunch staple in handheld form. Peacefood Cafe. I enjoyed the maiden bites of this biscuit outside on a bench. There! A Spring connection.

IMG_6877I’ve got Hungry Eyes… one look at you and I can’t disguise. So I often tack on point-of-sale purchases on impulse. Like this blonnde-on-blonde cupcake, also from Peacefood Cafe.

DSC_0001Ms. CP and I had a lunch date in Harlem to try the brand-spanking-new Seasoned Vegan during their soft opening. They’re a serving a soul-satisfying limited menu as they near their grand opening in May. We couldn’t wait. I had the large plate with two proteins and 2 sides. For protein: a yummy baked lemon-crusted “fish” fillet and a sizable mound of sweet, sticky riblets. My veggies–a flavorful jasmine rice and vegetable medley. The excited energy in the new Kickstarter-ed restaurant was a great accompaniment to my scrumptious dish.

DSC_0004So of course I had to get a cupcake, too. I mean, a house-made Peaches n’ Cream vegan cupcake. Heck yes. I wish Seasoned Vegan great success!

IMG_6970When hungry, sometimes I get irrational. This is when Daiya is eaten, against my better judgment. I am longing for the day when I can devour Jay Astafa‘s scratch-made cashew cheese, among other fantastic creations I’ve spied on Instagram. But for now, it’s packaged vegan cheese at Three Brothers.  Above, their Bianca pie. That means white.

IMG_6898Spring also brings school year milestones, like the state exam. Silly wardrobe choices inspire them to do their best. That’s how I justifying buying kooky stuff like No. 2 pencil knee highs and looseleaf t-shirts.