Stick a {South Fork} In Me: Tofu Scrambles On Long Island’s South Shore

Stick a {South Fork} In Me: Tofu Scrambles On Long Island’s South Shore

I had to go to traffic court in the Hamptons today.  So after my plea bargain, I checked out some tofu scrambles that have been on my list.  It’s not everyday I am that far east on The Island.  First, Harbor Market & Kitchen in Sag Harbor.  They offer fresh and wholesome food options including some that are vegan. 

The Harbor Market Breakfast Bowl is one of the vegan options. It has a flavorful scrambled tofu with leeks and sun-dried tomatoes on top of a quinoa salad with tempeh bacon and avocado. IMG_0064

Though temperature was a bit off (quinoa being cold and scramble being hot), every component was carefully created and yummy. IMG_0065

On the way back west, a stop at Tula Kitchen in Bay Shore. I’ve had lunch here a couple of times, but never breakfast. The space had doubled since my last visit, a testament to how healthier eating is a swiftly growing marketing niche. This means more vegan options for me!IMG_0070

I got the Topsy Turvy Tofu, a seasoned scrambled tofu with sundried tomato, kale, caramelized onions and root veggie homefries. Very well done! Flavorful as it is delicious. The root homefries was a nice touch as some bites were sweet along with the scrumptious savory scramble notes. Long Island’s tofu scramble game is getting serious!IMG_0074