Still Using Pumpkin Puree Cupcakes

<i>Still Using Pumpkin Puree</i> Cupcakes

DSC_0004I made beautiful pumpkin spiced cupcakes and a pastry bag of vanilla buttercream for my classroom party. Luckily I made enough to have a bunch to take back home. The kids didn’t know what to make of cupcakes that were not chocolate or vanilla.

DSC_0005After a light sprinkling of Madecasse madagascar vanilla cane sugar. See those beautiful umber specs? Real vanilla bean.

DSC_0011Let’s just keep on looking at those luscious pipings of sweet vanilla buttercream. This is a new tip I tried out: Ateco‘s 888.

IMG_2054On another sweet tip, The Electrician was working close to Chelsea Market in Manhattan the past few weeks. He picked me up some delicious sweet treats from One Lucky Duck, making me one lucky duck.

IMG_2052The beloved raw Mallomar and a bag of chocolate macaroons.