Strawberry Basketcases

Strawberry Basketcases

I kind of have a thing for impractical cake bakeware, specialized Nordicware pieces that are intricate and fun. Of course most of my pieces are from the Williams Sonoma Outlet, as 50$ for a cake pan is a bit steep. My latest 60% of Nordicware pan seemed most promising: the Shortcake Baskets Pan. Maybe I’ll use this more than once…

I’ve learned the hard way to meticulously oil the recesses of the pan, then dust with flour. This way you don’t sigh frustratedly at a crumbly half-stuck mess. After a clean release of 4 out of 6 baskets–not bad considering it was an experiment in how much melted fat would be enough–I filled my baskets with some coconut whip and strawberries. Coconut whip was great for achieving height and locking in the strawberries as it sets so firmly. And its stark-white is always a beautiful contrast. I made these to take their picture, then I gave them all away. PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2


And, randomly, Chipwich and her new safe spot to sleep: inside the china cabinet that functions as an armoire. Taking multi-use to new levels. IMG_6855